Silent Reset Retreat Morning

Deep me time

Welcome to our silent morning ‘reset retreat’.

I am so pleased to be hosting this silent retreat at the Reach.

On this retreat we will be focusing on soothing our nervous systems. Helping find peace, space to relax our mind and body through tried and tested practices digital detox.

We will start with an early morning silent walk from one of Sheffield’s Green Spaces and end up at the studio.
After a brief introductory circle we will partake in some intention setting journaling followed by a mindful meditation practice.

In keeping with the day we will enjoy breakfast together and practice mindfulness of eating.

After breakfast we will take time to release tension from our bodies using classical yoga and this will be followed by some calming breath work.

Following the yoga and breath work we will take deep mind and body relaxation in the form of a gong bath.

The morning will end with a closing circle.

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Sunday, 27 Mar 2022

05:30 - 09:30

Silent Reset Retreat Morning

This event runs from 05:30 on Sunday until 09:30 on Sunday

Silent Reset Retreat Morning £39.00