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March will see our very own Amy Bartle discussing "How ethical is social media in yoga? When does advertising turn into ego and vanity".  

JOIN THE CONVERSATION...Our next yoga symposium on the 9th of March will be discussing yoga in social media. Do you have an opinion about how yoga is portrayed

in the media and the increasing commercialisation of the practice? What about the effect of these kind of images on young women? There is a wider debate happening in the yoga community around the appropriation of Eastern traditions and the dilution of what yoga means. I'll be talking about this along with sharing my own experience of working as a fashion editor in London, and as a yoga student of 20 years as yoga has evolved, and my experience now as a teacher sharing my knowledge. Hope you can join us, Amy

What is the Symposium

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about my yoga and I am passionate about enabling others to flourish and teach too.

Many of the teachers at the Yoga at the Reach studio where once my pupils.  After teaching them, sometimes I see something in them as individuals and realise it’s time to have a discussion with them about starting training themselves!

It was during one of these discussions that I became aware of the cost of training and the stark fact that training today is far more expensive than when I trained all those years ago and that potential teachers, and indeed current teachers themselves have to make harsh choices about what training they take, if any, due to cost.

Knowing how much yoga teacher training benefits teachers and how much it benefits their friends and the communities’ local to them, I decided I needed to step up and try to do something about it. 

I decided I wanted to do something to help teachers and potential teachers find a way to afford yoga teacher trainings.

I heard about the symposiums that were running in London and decided that a series of similar events in Sheffield would be a great idea for a number of reasons.  Firstly, we could learn more about yoga in a structured, educational and intelligent way. Secondly, we could invite some of the UK’s most amazing minds on yoga to Sheffield. Thirdly, we could get our local yoga community in Sheffield together and involved in helping each other and fourthly, we could raise some monies for a good cause. Exciting stuff!

All monies (less speaker’s expenses) will go in to the charity and when we raise enough money to fund a training we will be inviting teachers/potential teachers to apply to see if we can help them fund their courses.

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