Alex Newton

I teach from my own experience - from what I have learnt over the past 7 years of practicing yoga asana, meditation and movement. I practice a more vigorous style of yoga as well as restorative yoga and meditation - so this is what I teach! 

In my vinyasa classes I enjoy encouraging students to explore the strength and suppleness in their bodies and to witness the process even when it may challenge them mentally or physically. 

I am an alignment based yoga teacher so I encourage healthy alignment for the individual, to seek the integrity in the pose, to find the subtlety in the practice and often we hold poses for longer. I encourage each student to explore their own experience and to, very importantly, find humour!

I also teach Pregnancy Yoga and am looking forward to sharing the practice of yoga with you throughout what is a time of great change - which can be both very exciting as well as anxiety inducing. Crucially, all are welcome, I don’t take myself too seriously and I teach with a lot of humour and acceptance