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Mia discovered yoga while living and working in Australia for 7 years .

She became qualified at Dancing Warrior Yoga School Sydney in 2014 and started teaching straight away from community classes, corporate yoga classes, yoga within schools and more. As her experience & knowledge grew she then started delivering one to one sessions to help guide people through their personalised yoga journey.

In 2016 Mia completed a Pre and Post natal yoga qualification at The Yoga Institute Sydney as her interest in yoga for pregnancy grew. 

As a mother and health practionor Mia has experience with the benifits that yoga can bring through pregnancy and motherhood. Mia has personal experience with hypnobirthing and Yoga breathing for pregnancy and has passion for guiding women through this special time. 

Mias educational background is a qualified Nutritionist with experience working for the National Health Service as a Public Health Nutritionist, and delivering mindful eating workshops in Sydney Australia, combining her nutrition and yoga expertise. A keen fitness enthusiast too Mia has qualifications within the fitness industry and takes part in a variety of community sporting events.

Mia very much believes in living in the now and teaches and practices yoga with this as her foundation for all her classes. 

"When we move in the now we are happier, more exuberant, more empathetic, and more secure. We have higher self esteem and are more accepting of ourselves. Anchoring awareness in the here and now reduces the kinds of impulsivity and reactivity that underlines an array of health problems."