Joanna Ferret

Joanna, known affectionately as “Ferret” is a professional dancer, singer /songwriter & yoga & Pilates instructor. Her favourite style of yoga is Vinyasa Flow but she has a special place in her anatomy-study-obsessed heart for core strength work. She believes yoga should be enjoyable and make your little heart sing. 

Ferret started her yoga journey as a dancer back in 2009 and in the beginning saw Yoga as just a warm up / cool down to a dance class. However when she became injured in dance, she realised the value of cross training in your chosen sport and her fascination with the human body and the way muscles work began.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Ferret discovered the deeper side to Yoga; realising it is a lifestyle and a living practice rather than just a physical practice. She began to take yoga “off the mat” and into her daily life. Ferret has been obsessed with all things Yoga ever since.

Ferret loves to teach and share the joy of yoga with as many people as possible from beginners’ classes to more ‘hardcore’ power yoga classes, she believes moving your body is an artform in itself and should be experienced as a joy.

Her ideal students are those with an open mind and open heart. Her classes are a warm friendly supportive environment, a safe place to go and move.

Ferret’s favourite parts of the yoga class are the calm cultivated in pranayama, the strength you build in flow and the release you feel in relaxation. 

As well as a yoga instructor; Ferret is a certified FCBD® American Tribal Style® Sister studio and an alumni of the TFEP (Tribal Fusion Education Programme under Alexis Southall) and is studying to become an integrated dance teacher under Ashley Lopez.