In-studio Teen Yoga

Join us for our new monthly teen yoga class!
Teens need yoga as much as any of us. Growing minds and bodies need nurturing physically and mentally and teen yoga aims to do just that.

We will start the class with a stress reducing breath practice followed by some gentle yogic warms up before moving into the main body of our practice. Each session there will be a challenge pose to help us learn to focus and concentrate!

To end the class there will be a mindful meditation practice followed by relaxation and gong bath.

All the techniques we practice is class are suitable to be used at any time a teen may need them.

The physical benefits of the class include:
* Strengthening of muscles & bones
* Increasing muscle flexibility & mobility
* Improving posture
* Assisting in the development of awareness, coordination & balance
* Learning skills to relax & de-stress with breath control awareness

The mental benefits of the class include:
* Learning techniques to manage stress by redirecting thoughts & calming the nervous system
* Improving mental processing by teaching teens mind space skills enabling them to make choices about themselves & others
* Developing concentration skills by finding the ability to focus
* Assisting them in learning to manage stress, anxiety & depression by providing a healthy way to explore the body & mind.

The class aims to make teens calmer, happier and more confident.

Upcoming Classes