In-studio Breath, Mind, Tea and Heart

This once a month session allows us to deeply explore our current mind and body space.

Breath, Mind, Tea and Heart offers exactly these components!

We start the class with a welcoming circle and then bring attention to our breath using one of the many gentle, healing breath practices from around the world.

This will help to relax and settle enabling us to engage in a mindfulness practice offering us a way to start to subtly but deeply connect to our mind and bodies nature flows physically, emotionally and mentally.

After the mindfulness practice we will take reviving sweet chili tea followed by a heart circle to explore our experience.

The class required and open mind and heart.

This class is suited for anyone who wishes to connect with themselves more deeply at any time in their life.

All are welcome.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, 03 Jul 2022

17:45 - 19:00

Nicola Harpin