On-line Yin, Yang Flow Yoga


Yin/Yang Flow 
A 75 min full body experience, we begin by diving into the yin tissues of the body, creating space and openness in the fascia, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues.
Then once we have breathed some life into our bones and tissues, we awaken the muscles, the energetic yang parts of our bodies.

We move with grace and flow with dynamic vinyasa to strengthen your body and challenge your balance and quieten the mind with a breath lead practice.

When you come to the cool down at the end of class you should feel like you've given your whole body a chance to move, stretch, mobilise and come to life, then calm down again for a decent night's sleep. Soothing your aching muscles from the week's activities.

Perfect way to end the weekend. 


Upcoming Classes

Sunday, 16 May 2021

20:00 - 21:15

Joanna Ferret