In-studio Yin Yoga & Meditation


This class is an hour of stillness for you to reconnect, stretch out, let the day melt away and focus on coming home to yourself. We’ll usually begin with a few minutes of meditation to help calm the mind, then move into a gentle yin yoga practice. Yin yoga focuses on holding poses, sometimes up to five minutes, allowing the body to open over time rather than through effort. There’s definitely no rush in yin! The act of slowing down can be very soothing for the body and mind. 

This is an all levels class and different modifications are offered for you to find your own variation in a pose. Yin is a wonderful antidote to a busy lifestyle or to add balance to your practice if you tend to do a lot of dynamic classes where muscles are engaged. 

Though you’re likely to feel really relaxed afterwards, yin is a bit different to restorative yoga in that we are using postures that stretch deep connective tissue. So although it’s a peaceful, mindful practice, you’re likely to feel sensation. We also sometimes use props to support the body in different ways.

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