In-studio Rock Run Yoga


A Yin/ Yang Yoga practice for athletes & sporty types.


Rock Run Yoga was a concept born out of looking at the yoga poses most beneficial to Rock climbers and Runners (in association with Rock Run Relax sports massage). Over the years of working with runners & climbers; Joanna Ferret had the privilege of really getting to know her clients and what they wanted and needed help with. We're pleased to be bringing the 90min class back this October with new material from her research into what runners and climbers and other sporty types need. 


This class begins with a yin practice; whilst the muscles are quiet we strengthen and lengthen the fascia, connective tissues, tendons and ligaments around our bodies (the parts of us keeping us tight no matter how much we try to stretch our muscles!). We look at strengthening the bones and joints with a healthy stress making us stronger all round. 
Then the class moves into a yang flow of movement, vinyasa flow, balance work, co-ordination, and mindful strength work. Finally, when the whole body has been worked; pranayama & relaxation to switch us back to the parasympathetic nervous system ready to rest and repair and sleep well tonight! 

This class is the best friend to those who love to keep active and give their bodies what they need. It is a mixed level class, but beginners might find it a bit *strong* (and they might like that!!). See you on the mat. 


Upcoming Classes

Sunday, 28 Feb 2021

19:30 - 21:00

Joanna Ferret


Sunday, 07 Mar 2021

19:30 - 21:00

Joanna Ferret