Yoga for Seniors (U3A)

Yoga for Seniors U3A

Anne teaches 3 classes for members of Sheffield U3A. Non members are welcome to come and try a class, but must join the U3A to attend regularly.

Thursdays 10am-11.15am Gentle Yoga for all. This mat based class is suitable for anyone with wrist, knee, shoulder or hip injuries or weakness who wants to enjoy the experience of a traditional yoga class. The class begins with a short body awareness and breathwork practice, followed by traditional standing, seated and lying down poses which are woven into sequences to gently stretch, strengthen and energise. The class ends with a short relaxation and guided visualisation to complete the practice.

Thursdays 12.15pm-1.30pm Gentle Chair Based Yoga. A short quiet breathwork practice is followed by a whole body seated warm up sequence, including a chair based surya namaskar (salute to the sun). Using the chair for support a series of standing postures focus on core strength, alignment and balance. The class ends with relaxation and guided visualisation to restore and re-energise.

Thursdays 1.45pm-3.00pm Yoga for Active Seniors.
This class combines breathwork for focus and concentration, flowing postures to open, gently stretch and energise and supported restorative postures which prepare for relaxation and guided visualisation to complete the practice.

In all classes everyone is encouraged to work to their own level and discover their own potential. Gentle options are offered to any participants with injuries or health issues and options for progression for those who would like some challenges.

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