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At Yoga at the Reach our teachers all share the same love for yoga and helping people on their own unique yoga journey.

  • Corona Virus Update

    Dear friends,

    First and foremost, please take care of yourself in the times ahead.  If you practice yoga or not, please look out for each other and do what you can to help your family, friends and neighbours.

    During these unsettling times, we are trying to keep a sense of community at the Reach so firstly, we are taking as many classes on line as we can.  These classes are bookable via both MBO and Movegb (we do ask a minimum of 2 hours in advance) and invitations to be class(es) will be forwarded just prior to the class starting time.  The platform we are using is very user friendly and a guide will be sent to you to help you join the class.

    We are also conscious that this era may mean that moving forward paying for classes isn't a priority so we have set up a YouTube Channel that we will upload videos to.  We do ask for donations to this channel so be given back to our teachers who are freely supplying the videos. The channel is Yoga at the Reach and donations can be paid via paypal to nicola@yogaatthereach.com.  

    Finally, please contact us if you are struggling to pay for classes - you have helped us get to where we are today, and we want to keep our community together in the future.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Yoga at the Reach


    Yoga in Sheffield
    Welcome to Yoga at the Reach Sheffield

    In our two studios, we offer a wide variety of yoga and classes, courses and workshops. 

    We offer two areas of expertise.

    Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore.  We are fortunate enough to have Sheffield's only KPJAYI and JSY Authorised teachers in the form of Nicola Harpin and Jodie Jeacock at the Reach.  Our highly qualified Ashtanga team all have regular practices and follow the practice schedule as set out by KPJAYI.

    We run the only full Mysore programme in Sheffield and cater for all of those seeking to learn about the unique benefits of the ashtanga style and the way it is taught.

    In addition to Ashtanga and Mysore we offer a host of other amazing yoga classes with Sheffield's finest specialist teachers.

    Pre and Post Natal classes.  We offer the widest range and number of classes for pregnant mum's and make it our mission to make pregnancy, birth and beyond a special and unforgettable time with our classes.  Our highly trained teachers hold a wealth of experience and genuinely want our mum's have the best births they can.  The techniques taught in our classes always get amazing feedback and are the key to calm and successful births.

    We are honoured to nurture and support Sheffield's mum community.

  • Yoga in Sheffield's leafy heart

    Based on Eccelsall Road in Sheffield, we are a yoga and pilates studio that gives both students and teachers a place to practice, turn up and simply do what we all love and have a passion for.


    Our aim is to make yoga and pilates in Sheffield as accessible as possible for everyone in the community, from beginners to advanced practicioners.

  • Our Studio

    Yoga at the Reach Sheffield is an independent centre, owned, run and staffed by yogis. We have students of all ages and abilities. Our mission is to bring practice to everyone in a way that suits their physical, emotional and spiritual goals. Our class numbers are limited so you can practice in the best environment. Make sure you book to avoid disappointment. 

    Please note we are VAT registered. Our VAT number is 308260621.

  • We have a small unisex changing room where you can store your bags, shoes and outdoor clothing. There is a selection of mats in there for you to borrow for practice. There is access to both male and female toilets. We have fresh water available, which you can help yourself to during your practice.

  • Booking Classes

    We request that all classes are booked and paid for before you come for a class. You can easily book on our website. We do ask that everyone books in before so we have a list of everyone coming into the building. If you are having issues with our booking system please let us know and we can book a class for you. 

    We are available via MoveGB through this link https://www.movegb.com/venue/3652.

  • General advice

    We recommend that you avoid strong caffeine and heavy food at least 2 hours before a yoga class and make sure you are well hydrated before coming to class. So you are comfortable wear yoga/sports clothing and bring a small towel if you sweat. You can bring your own yoga mat or use one of ours.

    Serious medical conditions or injuries should be discussed with us before booking. Minor medical condition or injuries should be discussed with your teacher before the class please come 10 minutes early to your first class.

    Please leave large bags in the changing rooms but take valuables in to the studio with you. Yoga at the Reach does not accept liability for theft or damage to personal possessions at the studio.

  • Studio Etiquette

    We want to make sure everyone has the best possible experience at The Reach. We ask that you follow these guidelines:

    Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your class and wait quietly outside so not to disrupt any other classes. Please register, book and pay for your classes online. Please put mobile phones on silent and refrain from using them while in the studio. Remove shoes on arrival. Be clean of body and perfumes when practicing.


    Supporting trainee teachers in Sheffield

    Apart from offering a bursary to trainee students via funds raised through our Sheffield Yoga Symposium events, Yoga at the Reach welcomes trainee teachers to observe our yoga classes but insist that the studio be contacted in advance to make arrangements to attend.

    Due to the high rate of attendees in some of our classes, those requesting to observe may not be able to attend the class of their choice but may be offered an alternative class on a different day and time.

    We respectfully ask that trainee teachers do not book into classes as participants as this uses up the spaces for genuine students.

    All enquiries regarding observation of teachers and class should be directed to nicola@yogaathereach.com.

    Thank you.



We take data protection seriously at Yoga at the Reach. We ask you to fill in a health questionnaire to ensure that our teachings are appropriate for your needs and we take addition data such as email addresses and ‘phone numbers to keep in contact with you whether that be to let you know about new things going on or snow meaning a class is cancelled! If you don’t want to hear from us though, there are always ways to opt out of contact.

Our paper health questionnaires are stored for up to 7 years in secure storage and all other data is held either within Mailchimp, MindBody On-line or with MoveGB. We don’t hold bank details, these are processed either by MoveGB or MindyBody On-line via our website.

The data we hold is used by ourselves and not any third parties.

We do have a privacy policy, if you are a student of ours and have any concerns about your data, please email us at nicola@yogaatthereach.com

Thank you.




Selected for their expertise, adaptability and thought for the individual as well as the class.