Yoga 4 Climbers

Yoga enhances your rock climbing! Find out how!

Yoga enhances your rock climbing!

Join us for 3 interactive workshops to find out how.

Workshop 1: Specific sequences to intelligently increase and strengthen climbing range of motions - beginners to advanced variations.

Workshop 2: Yoga for recovery both on and off the climb.  Including breath work for composure and postures to strengthen weak-links.

Workshop 3: Yogic techniques to focus your mind, reduce distracting thoughts and enhance your visualisation skills. 'Cruise your project!'

All hosted by the amazing Dan from Yoga Loci

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Thursday, 02 Apr 2020 - Thursday, 16 Apr 2020

19:30 - 21:00

Yoga 4 Climbers

This event runs from 19:30 on Thursday until 21:00 on Thursday

Yoga 4 Climbers £30.00