Balance and Restore - yoga and shiatsu event

A special event of yoga and shiatsu to restore balance to everyone!

Balance and Restore (a restorative yoga and shiatsu event).


Join us for a lovely relaxation and restoration event with yoga teacher and bodywork practitioner Rachel Whaley and shiatsu practitioners Beth Cooper of Seven Hills Shiatsu and Sally Clegg.

Arrive as early as 6:30pm (2:30pm for afternoon sessions) to settle in to the cosy yoga studio and to book your shiatsu slot for the event. At 7pm (3 pm for our afternoon sessions) in the main studio there will begin a 2-hour restorative yoga session, involving deep relaxation, breathing techniques and guided yoga nidra style visualisations.


During the yoga session, at your designated time you will be quietly lead into studio 2 where you can receive a 20-minute shiatsu treatment including a consultation.

We wanted to create an event of self-care, in which people could experience multi-therapies and the effects they have on the nervous system.

Often therapies complement each other. In this case, a guided yoga practice sits perfectly with shiatsu, offering similar calming effects on the nervous system. Restorative yoga focuses completely on ease, using carefully placed props the weight is taken off the body and distributed in different ways across the support to allow a person to surrender and yield the weight of the body and mind. In shiatsu, the practitioner holds and manipulates the body, aiding the flow of Qi (energy) throughout the systems to encourage better functioning and balance. 

In both practices, the aim for the individual is to relax deeply and allow oneself to be held. 

This process enables relaxation to deepen and become restorative. This is when the nervous system is soothed, tension is unravelled and connective tissue (fascia) and muscle memory, over time, can renew and heal.

What to expect

Expect better sleep, reduced pain and feelings of peace and calm.


The aim of this workshop is to give others a chance to experience how they can feel and to promote the magic of these practices.


Nourishing tea and raw bliss balls will be available after the practice to give you a boost for your journey home.

All welcome

Both the yoga and shiatsu will be tailored to suit all individuals. Please just let us know beforehand your situation.


Rachel is pregnancy specialised, working with pre-and postnatal stages of motherhood in yoga and in her work as a shiatsu practitioner. This workshop is inclusive of all men, woman and will be modified to suit Mums-to-be in 2nd and 3rd trimesters.




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