Bridging the Gap - a post, post natal yoga course for mamas getting back to yoga after their 6 week check

Moving on from the post, post natal period and wanting to pick up a more in-depth yoga practice? This class is for you!

An hour plus of yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation and relaxation. Crafted for mums to give them back some deep breaths, slower mindful moments and strength in the body and mind. 

This class is for mama’s who may have done yoga before or during their pregnancy and have perhaps completed the post-natal recovery course or some post-natal work.

The class works well with babies – giving mama’s the option to bring along their little ones or on their own.


Expect a range of basic yoga postures focussing on building strength in the pelvic floor and sacrum and opening the shoulders and chest area with a sprinkling of restorative poses to increase relaxation and lower adrenalin and stress levels.


Rachel’s words....

Come along with your babies, making and giving yourself the gift of time to practice. Your body will thank you for the simplest of practices. Your heart will feel more open and as a result baby will be able to receive this flow of energy. It is so important to nourish yourself as a mother, babies are happy when their mums are happy too.

Some days it may only be possible to do a handful of stretches or get through one relaxation if your baby needs you. But I found being around other mamas, chatting, having some warm, calming tea and being in the yoga environment so uplifting.


Suitable for mama's after their 6 week check.


Rachel teaches pregnancy yoga and is a shiatsu practitioner, working with women pre-and postnatally.

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