Rachel Whaley

Rachel’s focus is to find balance in every moment, situation and experience. She believes that when there is balance, there is calm, serenity and contentment. Rachel aims to cultivate balance and wellbeing, to reduce pain and to promote kindness.


Of late Rachel trained with Lara Baumann studying her Quantum method (RYAT200hr), where focus is placed on doshic sequencing and understanding how to create yoga classes to suit and encourage an individual’s personal practice.

Further since she has completed training in hot yoga (30hr TT) with one of her biggest influential teachers Jozef Wiewel.


Rachel teaches vinyasa yoga and variations around this style; hatha and flow. She works to build strength and stamina from the foundation up and appreciates how this practice can in turn strengthen the mind as well as giving us tools to take into our lives in dealing with situations, people and events better.


Rachel trained in pregnancy yoga with Rachael Moore and Beverley Nolan at CAM Yoga and now works fruitfully in this field, continuing to work with women post-Nataly. She proudly teaches alongside Nicola Harpin holding up the fort for the abundance of wonderful Mamas and Mamas-to-be.


Rachel is currently completing her level three shiatsu training with the Northern School of Shiatsu and now works professionally as a zen shiatsu practitioner equipped with a solid grounding in five element theory. Such studies compliment Rachel’s yin yoga and meridian knowledge and influence her work in restorative yoga. 


Outside her work in the studio Rachel spends much of her time with her daughter and her family. She enjoys a mindful, slow-paced life taking guidance from nature and the seasons. In previous chapters, she was a dancer and choreographer, often working site-specifically as well as work in film and creative animation projects.


“As a teacher, it is important to me to try to empathise with others constitutionally. I work holistically, seeing, feeling and listening, over time, to try to come to the root of a person; the environment and needs required by an individual to feel at home and steady and to perhaps understand a person’s pain and ways to reduce suffering.

Thinking and communicating this way enables, I think, a better start to understanding life; our experiences and actions and their impacts on both us and others within the world and a way to make changes to our current conditions.”