Post Natal Yoga

5 weeks of me time bliss!

Week 1 - Reconnect

Time to get a bit of 'me time' back. Reconnect to your body and heal from the inside-out.. starting first with the breath and then the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Learning how to self-care, while caring for another, is essential for mothers. A lovely session to manage emotions and regain inner peace.

Week 2 - Recovery
The upper body needs a lot of opening and release to counter all the rounding over baby/holding/feeding of baby. However, the lower body needs to close. This session will be aimed at opening the upper body and strengthening the lower body including pelvic floor exercises and suitable abdominal strengthening for women post C Section.

Week 3 - Energising
When your fatigued your breath becomes shallow. An energising practice followed by restorative poses that open the chest which will encourage you to take deeper breathes and aid relaxation and rejuvenation.

Week 4 - 'off the mat'
Exercises you can use in your daily life whilst caring for your baby. This session is all about resuming physical exercise and relieving any discomfort after childbirth.

Week 5 - Indulge
A more relaxed practice with a variety of breathing techniques to bring the body into equilibrium. This session is about empowering you with the tools to look after your body and mind whilst on your journey through motherhood.

Start 21st October and finish 18th November.

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