Core Yoga (Yoga & Pilates for a strong core)

This class is aimed at those who want to get a strong organised core. People who want to train the deep core muscles to create a more stable posture, stronger body and improved balance. 

The class entails a gentle yoga warm up and mobilisation, some Pilates core exercises to train and strengthen your muscles, sun salutations for a full body warm up and a gentle cool down and relaxation to finish.

The type of people who would enjoy this class are early risers (or those who aspire to be) who love to feel strong and challenged, finishing the class feeling like they have achieved something great and set their day up right. 

The benefits of this class are stronger internal muscles, and the surrounding abdominal muscles and glutes will be tightened and toned too. Your muscles will be trained to work together more efficiently and effectively. Great for preventing injury and easing back pain by strengthening the abdominals. More stable torso / trunk of the body, improving posture and breathing function. Core work helps to align your spine, your ribs and the pelvis and stabilize the spine.


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