Gentle Beginners Hatha Yoga (suitable for complete beginners)

Gentle Hatha class

This class is aimed at the yogi who wants a more gentle, slow paced, mindful hatha class can come and enjoy breathing deeply and holding poses; almost using the class as a movement meditation. ; if you’ve walked in off the street and you’ve never done yoga before, if you did some yoga once, long ago but have forgotten how, if you’re returning to yoga following a long break from exercise or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about without any pressure to stand on your head or “look good” ; then this delightful “good morning” class is for you.


The class entails a gentle warm up for mobilising the body, sun salutations (modified for all levels) the Asana (poses) for that week, broken down clearly and modifications provided (progressions and regressions to suit all). Seated / supine poses followed by a gentle spinal twist and savasana relaxation to end class. 

The type of people who would enjoy this class are beginners who are learning yoga and want a slower paced class where they wont feel lost. More experienced yoga practitioners who have a busy lifestyle and want their practice to be a bit more mindful and gentle. 

The benefits of this class are a calmer more relaxed class activates the parasympathetic nervous system to combat stress and help heal the body and digest food, etc; all the jobs that our parasympathetic nervous system is in charge of but doesn’t get a chance to do when we’re in a constant stress mode. 

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