Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This class is aimed at people who prefer a more dynamic moving class.  We move slowly to start off with and break down the poses we are ‘flowing’ through, so this slow flow is suitable for beginners.


The class entails a gentle yoga warm up to mobilise the body, Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) and a theme of the week for the flow. From a typical class you can expect a mixture of both “hatha” and “vinyasa” style yoga. The flow yoga class is 60 minutes long. Modern (western) yoga classes consider hatha style to be the slow paced, broken down and fully explained, held-for-a-few-rounds-of-breath type style… whereas ‘vinyasa’ (‘to place with purpose’) works with the breath to create a flowing movement of poses that link together in a sequence called a vinyasa flow. Every class starts with mobilisation, pranayama practice, classic sun salutations, the theme of the week’s flow, seated postures, a supine twist and a relaxation meditation to close.


The type of people who would enjoy this class are those who enjoy movement, especially beneficial for dancers who want to bring a fluid, strong, graceful energy to their performances; flowing with yoga is a dance in itself. Whilst the final flow section of class can be a faster pace, this is a very inclusive supportive environment where you can take any variation you need. 


The benefits of this class are improved fitness, balance, breathing linking with movement and the ability to fluidly move your body through a yoga sequence

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